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Editorial Staff

  • Victoria Bengualid, MD
  • Jitendra Barmecha, MD, MPH
    Chief Technical Editor
  • David Rubin, MD
    Statistical Editor
  • Deborah Bonelli
  • Reinaldo Rodriguez
    Technical Editor

Chief Reviewers

  • Eric Appelbaum, DO
    Emergency Medicine
  • James Croll, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Andrea Culliford, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Mary Gratch, MD
    Women's Health
  • Manisha Kulshreshtha, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Jayaprakash Manda, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • David Perlstein, MD
  • Malcolm Phillips, MD
    Internal Medicine
  • Dara Rosenberg, DDS, MPH
  • David Rubin, MD


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